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YA-15A adjustable pressure relief valves


YA-15A adjustable pressure relief valves 


Pressure Relief Valves is suitable for Installing at the Pressurized solar water heater, gas heater, electric heater, water heater for fuel, water heater of heat pump, sensitive function heater, etc. various kinds of heaters, air and supply hot system of reduce pressure device, can lower the temperature and reduce pressure automatically.

Technical Parameter

1.Set Pressure:(Mpa):0.1,0.3,0.5,0.6,0.7,0.8,1.0
2.Set Pressure Tolerance: +5%,-10% of the set pressure.
3.Max Working Temperature: 110°C
4.Max Working Pressure: 1Mpa.

Product Show



Model Inlet XOutletin Highmm Widemm Weightg Mark
YA-15 R1/2×Rp1/2 83 41 180
YA-20 R3/4×Rp3/4 83 42 195
YA-15A R1/2×Rp1/2 70 41 127 (Plastic Red Handle)
YA-15C R1/2×Rp1/2 63 40 127 (Stainless steel Handle)
YA-15D Rp1/2×M8 68 43 125 ( Plastic Red Handle )
YA-15N Rp1/2×Rp1/2 68 41 130
YA-15E Rp1/2×M9 68 44 125 ( Plastic Red Handle )


1.The Valve can be installed horizontally or vertically, not upside down, to prevent the accumulation of impurities affects the normal work;
2.The outlet must be grounded drain valve leakage, ensure that the atmosphere can be observed drainage;
3.Drain should make antifreeze leak, kept clear in order to avoid damage to material and personnel.

Safeguard And Maintenance

1.After installing water heater the users must lift the relief valve handle once at least half year, so as to ensure that unblocked things in the waterway of the relief valve.
2.Before operating handles, please check the elimination pipeline which joining the relief valve, guaranteed that the hot water from the relief valve discharge the proper place, otherwise it may cause the bodily injury.
3.If the handle is lifted, without water flowing out, it proves that the relief valve is invalid. Then it should turn off the water heater immediately and check the valve.

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