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Universal Tensile Test Machine


Universal Tensile Test Machine



Universal tensile test machine is the basic facilities for input quality control (I.Q.C), Quality Control (Q.C.), Physical Inspection, Mechanics Research and Material Developmentis to test tension, compression, shearing force, adhesion, peeling force, tear strength, etc. It can tensile report automatically with customized tensil speed and it provides one-year warranty.

1. Whole facility structure is made of baking varnish aluminum profile, and inner part is applied the high-accuracy, low resistance and zero clearance of dual ball screw and oriented pole, through which highly improve the loading efficience and structure rigidity.
2. Apply brand computer as the main control system, computer control with TM2101 software, back to origin automatically after the test, and can store data automatically or by manual operation.
3. Data transmission: RS232, and displacement resolution: 0.001mm.
4. Graph scale automatic optimization allows best measurement and can implement graphics dynamic switching by the test.
5.Its standard as per below:
ASTMD903, GB/T16491, GB/T1040, GB/T8808, GB13022, GB/T2790/2791/2792, CNS-11888, JIS K6854, PSTC-7.

Technical parameters

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1.Built in hydraulic wedge jaw,clamp force increase with tensile force,clamping is reliability.
2.High toughness protection net,with isolation between the test space and operator,it can protect the safety of operator effectively.
3.Spoke load sensor,high precision,good reproducibility, good stability
4.Draw out type,digital displacement sensor,high accuracy and resolution, strong aseismatic and anti-interference ability,good reproducibility
5.NACHI internal gear pump,it ensure system pressure stable when using long time,sylinder runs smoothly,it uses torque and speed stability of the SIMENS motor and makes the oil source system
6.Industrial tablet PC,adapts to harsh environment,It is solid,anti-seismic,damp proof, dust proof.

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Tensile Testing Machine

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