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Tower Building Automated Parking System

20171952768362Tower Building Automated Parking System


Operating Principle

The rotary parking system consists of one automated mechanical system, which rotates at an angle of being perpendicular to the ground. It is driven by the motor+chain+chain wheel and runs in a rotating way. When someone wants to park or retrieve car, the needed parking pallet will be rotated to the ground level. Then the car can be parked or retrieved directly.



Structure and Size


Main Systems

• The elevator systems
• The entrance & exit systems
• The carrier systems-Fork /clamp exchange structure
• Electrical control systems
• Intelligent management systems
• Monitoring & chargement systems
• Steel structure

The Elevator Systems

The elevator is in charged of the lifting movement of the vehicles,which mainly composed by steel structure,carriage,counter weight,drive system,guide devices,safety protection devices.

The Entrance & Exit System

It mainly includes automatic door, turn table, scanning device, voice prompts etc, that ensure the safety of users and cars, and fast accurately find the vehicle.


1.Less land occupation, large capacity, high density parking.
2.Single garage could be disposed multi-entrances to improve the using efficiency and relieve congestion at the peak period.
3.Automatically revolving and U-turn while parking and picking out for users convenience.
4.Full use of spaces and flexible building garage according to area and users’ request.
5.Flexible structures as the whole ground structure or half underground structure, steel structure or concrete structure.
6.High efficiency and fast speed: realized multi-user’s parking and picking at the same time; average parking time is no more than 90 seconds.

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