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Single stage RS-4 oil rotary vane vacuum pump

20151119213825032Single stage RS-4 oil rotary vane vacuum pump


RS series single stage rotary vane vacuum pump cycle is a basic equipment used for pumping air from sealed vessels to obtain vacuum, especially suitable for the maintenance of refrigeration (F12, F22, F134a as the refrigerant system vacuum), printing machinery, medical equipment, vacuum packaging, gas analysis, thermal plastic molding industry pumping operation at the same time, also can be used as the first few pump all kinds of high vacuum equipment.














1. Anti oil back design

Inlet channel for special design, can prevent the pump after the pump oil reflux and pollution by pumping the container and pipeline.

2. Aluminum Alloy motor shell, has high heat radiating efficiency, ensure the long time continuous normal operation, and has better appearance quality.

3.The overall design of

The overall design of the motor and pump, the product is more compact and reasonable.

4. Large starting torque

The products for low temperature environment for special design, ensure the normal starting in the winter under the condition of lower environmental temperature.

Use method

1.Before use please check the oil level, guarantee level is less than the level line, less than the level line should be timely refueling.

2.The intake and exhaust cap cap, connected by pumping the container, the pipeline should be short, reliable sealing, no leakage.

3.Plugged in, the switch is turned on.

4.After use timely and unplug the power plug, remove connecting pipe, tightly air cap, exhaust cap.













Safety Alert

1.This product is strictly prohibited flammable, explosive and toxic gases;

2.This product shall not be removed in addition to metal corrosion and can react with pump oil chemical reaction;

3.This product shall not be removed in addition to containing particles of dust and a large amount of water vapor;

4.The temperature of the gas should not exceed 60 degrees, the use of ambient temperature of -5 to 60 degrees;

5.This product shall not be used for compression pump or delivery pump;

6.No oil running;

7.The pump operation, is strictly prohibited to plug the exhaust port;

8.The use of the product voltage 192-248V, 50HZ, socket must be grounded; unplug the power, we must hold the plug, do not seize the power cord pull;

9.The use of refrigerant work wear goggles;

10.Do not directly contact the refrigerant, to prevent the refrigerant caused personal injury;

11.Connect the power supply requirements of all relevant equipment are normally grounded, in order to prevent the risk of electric shock;

12.Because the pump working surface heat, please do not touch the oil tank or motor casing.














1.The vacuum pump is used, the level should be placed in dry, ventilated and clean place, and the surrounding distance is greater than 2cm, before and after the end of not less than 5cm of space distance, matched with the device, should ensure that the fan inlet end of the shell cover is normal;

2.Supporting the installation of the machine: remove the bottom of the rubber foot, with ST4.2 self tapping screw connection, if there are special installation requirements, please contact with the company;

3.Air intake according to the requirements of the air inlet thread connection, can also be inserted into the skin tube;

4.If the pump exhaust gas on human health or work environment, can be connected to the exhaust pipe on the outlet of the workplace or for environmental treatment;

5.If there is a special need, can be installed in the pump inlet valve solenoid valve;

6.If the gas extraction contains a lot of water vapor, the temperature is too high or dust, etc., should be in the inlet pipe cooler, filter and other corresponding devices, so as not to affect the normal use of the pump.












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