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PTFE permanent fabric structure membrane


PTFE permanent fabric structure membrane


Permanent architecture membrance is a kind of compound material formend by painting PTFE resin on fiberglass cloth (β fiberglass) with our unque tenhnology. β fiberglass not only has higher intensity than steel,superior heat resistance(700~800℃),but also un-affected by low tempertance and ul-traviolet. Meanwhile, PTFE resin owns the water , weather and heat resistance as well as the unique selt-cleaning performance and other unique properties.


1. Cost-effective: About 1/3 to 1/2 lower than conventional structures on costs;
2. Short Construction time: Half time is saved compared to the traditional buildings;
3.Various Shape: Changeful supporting structure can make  lots of different shapes of membrane structure with flexible membrane;
4.Seurity: Membrane Structure can keep the good stability under the action of horizontal load such as earthquake;
5.Self-Cleaning: The rain getinto  water to down on the surface of membrane and clean itself;
6.Fireproof: Fireproof performance of membrane structure can fill the requirements of US ,French,Germany ,Japan and other contries;
7.Large Span:The largest span of Tension membrane structures can exceed to 200m.


1)Used as various of liners to resist high temperature, such as microwave overliner, or other liners.

2)Used as non-stick liners, intermediate.

3)Used as various conveyor belts,fusing belts,sealing belts or anywhere need resisting high temperature,non-stick,chemical resistance ect.

4)Used as covering or wrapping material in pertroleum,chemical industries, as wrapping high temperature resistance material in eletrical industries, desulfurizing material in power plant etc.



































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