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Dredge swivel bend


Dredge swivel bend is the parts of the cutter sution dredger components, as the

CSD discharge device installed on the CSD stern.

The dredge swivel bends can be worked under the working pressure 10bar to 30bar,

the available pipe diameters in the range of 300mm to 1200mm.The max. rotation

angle is 120 degree.


 1.Large rotation angle.

 2.Suitable for high working pressure.

 3.Connection flange can be customized.

 4.Made from high-strength,hard-wearing steel.

 5.Good performance bearing,protected by steel cover.

Dredge swivel bends provide flexibility between the cutther suction dredger and

the floating discharge pipelines. The swivel bends adjust easily with a large

rotation angle.


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