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Prefabricated Modular Restaurant Buildings-YZF2

Prefabricated-Modular-Restaurant-1Prefabricated Modular Restaurant Buildings-YZF2


Prefabricated modular restaurant building can be used as hotel,on site,school canteen. Different areas bring different results. External and internal show can be made simple or complex. Restaurant is designed different styles so that create an atmosphere. The house is produced in factory and installed on site. If you have a request, we can also install part at the factory, you can only need simple assembly on site.


Prefabricated modular restaurant building can be designed different layout.











1.Fast installation Four people can install 50 square meters of prebuilt homes within 8 hours.
2.Packing amount 40ft container cabinet can hold 100 square meters prefabricated room.
3.Affordable house Low cost than traditional brick house. Cheap in materials,production and labor installation.
4.Reusable Life of up to 30 years, after the demolition can continue to use.
5. Long life cycle: Our keeping standards up-to-date rust resisting waterproof prefab home will be used long life and it is strong and stable.The life of the house can reach 25 years.
6. Environmental Friendly Precise designing reduces construction waste during constructing. Use concrete usage,the noise is lower.

Structure and Material

The roof frame of prefabricated modular restaurant for sale is galvanized steel square tube. The wall is EPS sandwich panel. Inside the sandwich panel there is galvanized steel plate to support the roof. It is hidden column. These panels can be heat insulation,fire retardant,anti-rust,corrosion resistance,not falling paint.

Prefabricated house other combinations display







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