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Prefabricated House For Living Room-YZF1

20170313111614Prefabricated House For Living Room-YZF1


The prefabricated house for living room is exported to Uruguay. The frame of steel building house includes roof frame,column and base which are all galvanized steel anti-corrosion and rust proof.The roof and wall panels are foam composite panels,rock wool composite panels or glass fiber composite panels. The size and location of windows and doors can be designed according to your requirements.The wire of the steel building house is plugged in the factory. You can normally use it just access the main power.











Layout(2 bedrooms,1 living room,1 kitchen and 1 bathroom.)

In the prefabricated house for living room,interior layout according to your needs can be free design, the layout of the interior layout can be varied.










1. After producing the prefabricated house for living room,we first package overall then load it.
2. Four people can install 50 square meters of house within 8 hours.Of course,the time need to according to installation familiarity the ability of workers.
3. The house is prefabricated, We can design and produce according to your size.
4.Prefab house has many features. Over capacity,light weight,construction quickly,long life cycle,good sealing performance,overall migration,high stability,good shock resistance, light weight heat and sound insulation, convenient transportation.

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