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Pneumatic Winch

pneumatic winch

Pneumatic Winch

Product Introduction

To ensure the pneumatic winch works normally, make best use of it and prolong its working life, it is very important for users to install, operate and maintain it correctly and carefully. It is advisable that the consumers should read the manual book carefully before using it.

Main Parameters

Item Specification
Model JQHS-30 JQHS-50
Max.lifting force 30KN 50KN
Max.lifting speed 5m/min 12m/min
Rated power 15kw 16kw
Air intake pressure 0.8Mpa 0.8Mpa
Rated Air consumption 12.7m³/min 12.7m³/min
Wire capacity 200m (single brake)

15m  (double brake)

150m (single brake)

120m(double brake)

Diameter of wire 16mm 20mm
Base connecting dimension 912mmx500mm(High base) 912mmx500mm(High base)
912mmx392mm(low base) 912mmx392mm(low base)
Net weight 550kg(500kg) 550kg(500kg)

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