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outdoor recycling waste bin


outdoor recycling waste bin


1.Galvanized steel is used as main raw materials, with much better anticorrosion performance than ordinary steel.
2.Upper cover is made from entire drawing molding process, with much higher soundness than ordinary welding molding process, also avoiding iron corrosion of the joints caused by welding.
3.Bottom flange of upper cover uses flanging molding process, more endurable and smooth, avoiding the possibility of scratching the hands when delivering garbage.
4.Buffering device is added to transmission mechanism, and upper cover can fall down slowly and avoid harm to hands caused by sudden drop when delivering garbage.
5.Ventilation device is added to the rear of outer bucket, which allows a slow but continuous flow of gas out (no harm to the surrounding environment) and keeps stability of inside gas. In this way, it can avoid unnecessary hurt of harmful gas to people, since harmful gas will be formed after fermentation caused by heat in inner bucket due to the sun and high temperature.
6.Delivering signs are made by anti-UV, abrasion, laminated printed signs, colorful and durable. After 10 years’ use, its fade rate is only 6.3%, with the service life of 15 to 20 years.
7.Foot guard device is added to the pedal of bucket, much safer to use.
8.DL11-A is decorated with fibre plastic wood, with superiorly weatherability resistant. Without deformation, color fading and crack after long time outdoor use, service life is much longer than high-grade timber. The other characters are the same as DL11.


1.Low cost of installation, and long lasting service time.
2.Better containment, large capacity, no smell, no insects or rats.
3.Emptying less frequently, lower maintenance and running costs, safe and easy to use.
4.Beautiful appearance, environment-friendly and blending into the  surroundings.
5.Advanced mechanical strength and impact toughness, excellent work
6.Anti-corrosion, anti-ageing, temperature resistant, not easily deformed and faded outdoors (especially for cities by the sea or having much bad weather).

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Name Outdoor Waste Bin
Model No DL-11
Material galvanized steel
Size 625*720*1125 mm
Finishing galvanized
Packing carton


Inner bucket could match with garbage truck to clean up easily and quickly.
Reasonable design of side-door makes inner bucket convenient to take out.


The inner bucket is 120 liters plastic bucket, commonly used in the market, which features extra large capacity, convenient use and versatility when compared with pedal dustbin of the same type.
Inner bucket is made of engineering plastics, greatly improving the     anti-acid corrosion with traditional galvanized sheet.

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