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Modular Luxury Container House

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Modular Luxury Container House


Modular Luxury Container House is our basic product called Flat-packed container house. It is widely used for office, accommodation and commercial kiosk.


Type External Internal Weight (kg)
Length Width Height (package) Height (assembled) Length Width Height
20’ 6055 2435 648/864 2591/2790 5860 2240 2500 from 1850

Product Exhibition

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Steel frame – made from cold rolled, welded steel profiles, 4 mm thick
– 4 corner casts, welded
– 2 fork lift pockets (except 30’) – distance 1200mm(internal clearance of fork lift pockets: 240×80 mm)
– steel cross members, thickness=2mm
Insulation – 100 mm thick Rock Wool
Subfloor – 0.5mm thick, galvanized steel sheet
Floor – 18mm plywood board
–         1.8mm PVC floor-         flammability class B1 – hardly combustible-         smoke density class Q1 – low smoke emission-         wear resistance factor: T level




Steel frame – made from cold rolled, welded steel profiles, 3mm thick
– 4 corner casts, welded
– steel cross members, thickness=2mm
Roof cover – 0.5mm thick, galvanized steel sheet- 360 degree seaming at joint of roof panels
Insulation – 100 mm thick Rock Wool
Ceiling – 10 mm chipboard (V 20), laminated on both sides, white- the chipboard complies with the emission value E1
CEE connector – sunken in frame on short end side 



Rockwool – density:120kg/m3
– flammability class A- non combustible- smoke density class Q1 – low smoke emission
– certificated: CE & GL
NeoporR – density:18kg/m3
– flammability class B1- non combustible- smoke density class Q1 – low smoke emission
– certificated: CE & GL


Coatings (Optional)

Deco Coating Special coating can be applied on top of sandwich wall panel and make the external wall surface looks like plastering finishes or timber finishes. That makes the container house cozy and less industry look.




Assembly Process

Easy to be Assemble and disassemble. Four workers can complete one unit in half day.



Packing and Transportation

From our factory to overseas client, there are two ways to delivery the houses. If your port can accept SOC (Shipper’s Owned Container), 4 standard cabins can be packed as a 20ft container and shipped naked. If can not, 7standard cabins can be loaded into one 40ft HC.

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From the dealer’s workshop to the client’s place, it can be delivered by 6m long truck after assembly. The width and height are within traffic limitation.



 Other Advantages 

1 Strong Structure All parts are galvanized, lifetime more than 30 years. Can be stacked up to 3 floors.
2 Modular Design They are able to stack each other and fixed through high tensile screws.
3 Factory Quick Respond Modular design minimized and standardized part. That makes quick combination and respond possible.
4 Minimized Site Work The assembly only requests simple tools. That helps to save equipment cost and labor cost. No cast-in-situ concrete slab is needed. The original floor such as turf will not be damaged.

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