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Mobile Hydraulic Lifting Jack

KIET-Mobile-hydraulic-machine-50TON-200TON-hot (3)

Mobile Hydraulic Lifting Jack


1.No exposed hoses or fittings to damage
2.Narrow width for hard-to-reach areas
3.Wide selection of capacities, strokes and jack heights for a variety of applications
4.Electric motor is fully enclosed to withstand elements.
5.50 and 100 ton capacities with pneumatic or electric pumps for the toughest jobs
6.SUP-R-STACK™ Extension System allows lifting at all heights without blocking.



1.The structure with Strong resistance to heavy-duty makes sure its long service life;
2.Large bottom cushion support cylinders ensure smooth performance of work;
3.Round wheels for easy transport, mobility and job placement;
4.When the pump is not working or damaged tubing, the pressure check valve to provide self-locking to ensure safe operation;
5.Tanks and pumps is easy removal, can be easily used for other occasions or repair.

Easy to use

1.Low body height, suitable for narrow space applications;
2.Rod effective stroke is high, excellent lifting height is more convenient to work;
3.Ground clearance is low, the rough road to adapt to a variety of walking;
4.Light body weight, easy to move or operate in various work-yard.

Using industry and case

Mobile hydraulic lifting jack is compact and easy to move, for train locomotives or railcars, mining machinery and heavy lifting equipment maintenance.

Product Show

KIET-Mobile-hydraulic-machine-50TON-200TON-hotKIET-Mobile-hydraulic-machine-50TON-200TON-hot (1)High-Quality-Mobile-Hydraulic-Lifting-Jack


Model Number Capacity (Ton) Stroke (mm) A (mm) B (mm) C (mm) D (mm) Max Height (mm)
ATMC-DJC-50T-356 50 356 610 162 356 102 813
ATMC-DJC-50T-686 50 686 940 162 356 102 279
ATMC-DJC-100T-406 100 406 660 178 457 102 533
ATMC-DJC-100T-686 100 686 940 178 457 102 279
ATMC-DJC-150T-394 150 394 660 203 457 127 533
ATMC-DJC-150T-673 150 673 940 203 457 127 279
ATMC-DJC-200T-394 200 394 660 241 457 152 533





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