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JZC350-DH Hydraulic Diesel Concrete Mixer



JZC350-DH Hydraulic Diesel Concrete Mixer



Diesel Hydraulic Concrete Mixer offers a choice for users in regions lacking of electricity. Diesel hydraulic concrete mixers manufactured by HUANING Machinery have 350L and 500L output for customers to choose. It has a hydraulic feeding system, longer service life and higher mixing efficiency. They are mobile concrete mixers which are easy to move.
Diesel Hydraulic Concrete Mixer is double conical drum concrete mixer. When the drum rotates clockwise, it mixes. When the drum rotates anticlockwise, it discharges. Diesel cement mixer can be applied to mix plastic concrete and semi-hard dry concrete. It is usually used in road and bridge etc. construction.


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1.Driven by diesel engine, it is the most suitable mixer in various areas where there is no electricity or it is inconvenient to supply electricity.
2.Can be detached and shipped easily
3.The machine not only can be driven by diesel engine, but also can be driven by electric power if conditions permit.
4.Hopper lifting way: Hydralic







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