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Hydraulic Rail Jack

Hydraulic Rail Jack

Product Desription

Hydraulic track jack is a essential ideal tool for road on the mining service suitable for rail transposition operation.The machine is mainly composed of hydraulic transmission parts and leverage.

Main structure features: this machine adopts manual operation do not need other power consumption, is mainly by manual lever to hydraulic drive the machine upper hooks for lifting movement, which has played a role, reasonable structure, easy to carry, is a practical machine.

Main Parameter

Hydraulic   jack HJ5 HJ10 HJ20 HJ30 HJ50
Max. lifting capacity of the  top 5 tons 10tons 20 tons 30tons 50tons
Max. lifting capacity of the hook 2.5tons 5tons 10tons 15tons 25tons
Max. lifting stroke 115mm 148mm 158mm 158mm 158mm
Mini.Hook Height 16mm 20mm 25mm 30mm 50mm
Size (mm) 210X140X232 260X200X283 295X220X322 305X255X350 340X285X350
Weight 11kgs 24kgs 36kgs 55kgs 75kgs

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