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Home brewing water pump


Home brewing water pump


1.Advanced magnetic driving technology for static-seal, without any leakage forever.
2.Motor widely voltage designed suitable for battery power supplying with peak-low voltage damply.
3.Durable permanent magnetic rotor with one-off injection incorporated impeller in smooth balance.
4.Special designed high efficiency closed-type impeller.
5.Sustain 100°C hot water circulation.
6.All wetted materials FDA approved to be safety usage.
7.Low or no maintenance.
8.Blocked protection.
9.Polarity protection.

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Technical Data

PV Module WATTS (W) Max Head Meters (m/feet) Max Flow (L/M) Max Flow

(US Gallons/M)

5 W  1.4 M or 4’7″ 8.5 L/M 2.25
10 W  2.3 M or 7’6″ 10 L/M 2.64    
15 W  3.0 M or 9’10” 11.5 L/M 3.04

Work Note

1.Power to DC Power Supply, reverse polarity is strictly prohibited, generally red positive power supply, black to negative
2. pumps in addition to immersible work can be identified, the rest can not be immersed in water, or they will cause a short circuit burned.
3. pumps is prohibited by the strong shock, fall from a height on the ground and other external damage.
4. pumps can not take strong acid and other corrosive liquids and granular solids with a tiny hard. Can not cycle more thick viscosity liquids, such as oil, high concentrations of oil and other fluids vast.
5. pumps was not long-time stall, causing the motor burned.
6. pumps can not withstand high voltage shock.


Customers how to choose the pump
1. first determine the voltage, current,water head and flow, diameter size, pump water head is generally the subject of the water does not flow when pumped up to the static head, if a customer requires pumping the water to a certain height and then to maintain a certain water flow, select the desired water head must be higher than the specified pumping height. This specific by the supplier according to the actual conditions. Can refer to lift flow graph.
2. to determine the dimension and form (threaded interface, inlet and outlet orientation, aperture size, etc.)
3. to determine the job requirements (temperature, medium, work time and frequency)
4. to determine the functional requirements (time control, pressure control, flow control, speed, etc.)

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