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Heavy Crane Hook


Heavy Crane Hook



Heavy Crane Hook: also called Crane Hook Block, is one of the most suitable slings in hoisting. It is connected with pulleys to hang on the wire rope of lifting mechanism. And the hook is the most widely usage when lifting cargos. It is made easily and operated practically. Hooks can be classified into single hook and double hooks according to the appearance; forged hooks and strapped hooks according to production method.


Hook group is the most common hook device in the crane machinery. Hook hangs on the wire rope of the lifting mechanism with the help of pulleys such parts. Hook is the most widely used among the load handling device. It has such characteristics as simple manufacture and strong usability.
Single hooks is easy to produce and use, but its load carrying is not good, so most of time, it only be used at the low capacity working site(less than 80T); when the capacity is large, double hook with symmetrical load carrying will be used.

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Technical parameters

Type Ton material Pulley diameter Muitiplying power Quality(kg)
EL-HK 3.2t Q235 300/350 2 70
5t 430/450 2 128
10t 430/450 3 230
16t 565 3 377
20t 565 4 489
32t 680 4 835
50t 785 5 1346
75t 920 5 2500
80t 920 5 3265
100t 920/1120 5 4964
100t double hook 890 6 4425
160t double hook 822/1010 8 5629
200t double hook 1180 8 8500



1) crack
2) dangerous section of the wear of the size of the original 10%
3)hook  is compared to the original size is increased by 10%
4) hook body torsional deformation of more than 10 °
5) hook dangerous section or hook neck produce plastic deformation
6)hook threaded corrosion

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