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Grain Eco-Door (Countless Emotions)


Countless Emotions Door


Gerneral Description

Countless Emotions belongs to aluminum grain eco-door series. Door pocket is used white maple arc while door leaf used synchronous embossed surface material. The surface material is green and with the unified design and colors, great anti-aging, no cracking, wear resistance and pollution resistance.  It has unique and lifelike wood grain, visual feel concepts of imagination and perfect combination between classic and modern style.


Type PC0123
Category Aluminum Eco-door
Door Pocket White Maple Arc
Door Leaf Synchronous Embossed
Design Simple
Hinge Universal Hinge
Lockset SK-A01


Product Details Show

1.Door Surface

SG 12

The surface material is unified design with no formaldehyde, no toxic and no smell. The door frame is filled up with aluminum honeycomb. The surface material is pest control, anticorrosive, no cracking and wear resistance. Grain eco-door creates you a fashion, healthy, warm and personal living space.








2.Door Pocket


Door pocket is used white maple arc. The door frame and door leaf edge are used high-tech aerospace aluminum material which is metallic texture, smooth and bright surface, rich color, nature and simple, with high reflectance and easy to clean feature and give people exquisite and clear feeling.















The hinge is Universal Hinge which is different with traditional hinge and let the door open to 180 degree. The lubricating film is used special material to make the metal shaft no wearing and open and close without any noise. The hinge is with reasonable force which is only bear the downward force.









Lockset is SK A01 which is fashion design, aluminum material, accuracy casting, high strength and strong flexibility. The handle is not only meet the functional need but also with the design features of decorative effect, simple, fashion, beautiful and green.




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