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Full Weld Ball Valve


Full Weld Ball Valve


Fully welded ball valve will be no external leakage. Ball is high precision processing. Advanced computer detector tracks and detects the process of ball processing. Stress would not be uneven since the body material is the same with the pipe material.

Structural Chracteristic

The structural features of fully welded ball valve still include the following besides the above-mentioned advantages of fixed ball valve: it adopts the fully welded structure without middle flange leakage and is connected to the pipeline with butt welding or flange connection. The former is free of the leakage of the flange connection between pipeline and valve while the former is easy for valve disassembly and maintenance. According to different working media, the materials for seat sealing surface can adopt PTFE, nylon, alloy steel, STL and so on, which can meet different requirements for temperature, pressure and corrosion within a large range. Different actuator modes are adopted to meet the valve control requirement by different working conditions. And the biggest feature is that its weight is about 10%-20% lighter than that of the bolt structure type, and that it has such advantages as compactness, light weight, beautiful appearance and being lasting and durable compared with the normal ball valves with the same specifications. Having a long service life计is widely applied in natural gas long-distance and buried pipelines with serious corrosion containing such gases as hydrogen sulfide; the ball valve with fully welded body can be buried underground directly to free its internal components from erosion and it has a service life as long as 30 years, which is the optimal valve for petroleum and natural gas pipelines.
Our fully welded ball valve is mainly divided into three structural types: plate welding, forge welding and cast welding. It is widely applied in buried pipelines for water delivery, chemical engineering, petroleum and natural gas, which can extend the interval of replacing and overhauling the valve. It has been well-received by nomerous users by right of its high quality.

Design Feature

Full bore/ reduce bore
Body and bonnet welded integral
Cavity pressure self relief
Double block and bleed
Zero leakage
Anti-static design
Fire safe design
Under-ground & extended stem design

Design Standard

Design: API 6D/API608
Face to face: API6D/ASME16.1
Test: API598/API6D
Fire safe: API607/API6FA
End connection: ASME:16.5/ EN 12982

Technical Specification

Size: 2”~40”
Class: 150#~2500#
Connection: flange/butt weld
Operation: Manual/ Worm Gear/ Pneumatic actuator/ Electric actuator
Temperature: -196°C to +650°C
Application: City heat supply /pipeline/petroleum/chemical /Power plant/Iron and steel industry

Material Option

Body: Carbon steel/stainless steel/hastelloy/inconel alloy/monel
Trim: A105/SS304/SS316/F304/F316
Stem: 17-4PH/SS316/F316/F6a

Product Line




Valve Structural Diagram (Sheet or Cast Welded Structure)






The Material of Main Parts

20170509153157 20170509153212


Notes: 1 .Different materials for internal components can be adopted in accordance with different working conditions and customer requirements.
2. After all internal components are loaded, gather such parts up as body, left and right assemblies, ball and seat to be welded afterpassing the pressure and inspection.

Main outline Dimensions

20170509153627 20170509153650 20170509153709







Product Picture

1-161205145435 1-161205145515 1-161205145521

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