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fire proof plaster gypsum board


fire proof plaster gypsum board

Product description

Gypsum board, is often called drywall, wallboard, or plasterboard. It differs from other panel-type building products, such as plywood, hardboard, and fiberboard, because of its noncombustible core and paper facers. When joints and fastener heads are covered with a joint compound system, gypsum wall board creates a continuous surface suitable for most types of interior decoration.

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product show













Name: Gypsum Board

Normal Size

1200mm × 2400mm / 1220mm × 2440mm


2400mm / 2440mm / 3600mm / 3660mm


1200mm / 1220mm


7mm ~ 15.9mm




Regular Gypsum Board

Standard Gypsum Board is mainly made from building gypsum withappropriate amount lightweight material, fiber reinforced material andadditives, and is sticked to the paper. It has fire resistance and soundinsulation function.Appearance: Ivory face,Gray back

Fire Resistant  Gypsum Board

Fire Resistant Gypsum Board is mainly made from building gypsumwith appropriate amount lightweight material, inorganic fireproof fibermaterial and additives, and is sticked to the paper. It is the buildingmaterial which improves the binding force of the core. It has strongfire resistance when it is used as partition and ceiling.Appearance: Pink,

Moisture / Waterproof Gypsum Board

Moisture Resistant Gypsum Board is mainly made from building gypsumwith appropriate amount fiber reinforced material and water–proofadditives, and is sticked to the paper. It is used in moist andsemi–exposed place, whose surface can be sticked with the tile.Appearance: Green


Ceiling System Proportion

Gypsum Board  1200×2400×9mm

1 m2

Main Runner

1 m

Cross Runner

3~3.6 m


2~3 pcs

Main Runner Connector

0.5 pcs

Cross Runner Connector

1 pcs


4~6 pcs

Sleeve Anchor

1 set

Cross Screw

1 set

Drywall Self Tapping Screw

25~30 pcs

Paper Joint Tape / Mesh Joint Tape

1.5~2 m

Partition System Proportion

Gypsum Board  1200×2400×12mm

2 m2

Metal Stud

2.2~3.6 m

Metal Track

0.7~1.4 m

Intermediate Channel

0.8~1.4 m

Support Card

4 pcs

Drywall Self Tapping Screw

25~30 pcs

Paper Joint Tape / Mesh Joint Tape

1.5~2 m
















Product detail

product detail






product detail1







Product process

product process
















Main characteristic

1.Environmental friendly


3.Strong nail holding power

4.Heat & sound insulation

5.Smoothness ceiling board

6.Light weight in unit acreage

7.Square Edge or Tapered edge ceiling board


1.Standard Gypsum Board

Ceiling and drywall system, such as housing, hotel, theater, school, hospital etc.

2.Fireproof Gypsum Board

It can be widely used in high fireproof requirement environment, such as hotel, hospital, school,

house and factory etc.

3.Waterproof /Moisture proof Gypsum Board

It can be widely used in strong humidity environment, such as kitchen, bathroom, washroom

and inner garage etc.



We recommend the use of lightweight metal PRANCE Acoustic‘C Studs.Using metal studs ensures accuracy, and they will not move or twist due to shrinkage or water ingress. In either case set studs at maximum 600mm centres.


2. Align the board

PRANCE Aquapanel Interior Gypsum Boards are laid horizontally.Start at one end and align the first board along the studs. Secure the board with PRANCE Aquapanel Maxi Screws (SN) at maximum 250mm centres, ensuring that the screws are at least 15mm from the board edge. Do not overdrive the screws.


3. Clean the adjacent board edges

In order to ensure that maximum adhesion is achieved when jointing, the adjacent edges of the fixed board and the next board in sequence must be cleaned. Simply clean the edges with a wet brush to remove traces of dust – the edges do not need to be soaked


4. Apply PRANCE gypsum board      

Using a suitable gun, apply a continuous bead of Knauf Interior.Aquapanel Joint Adhesive to the adjacent edge of the fixed board(s). The bead should be of sufficient size to fill the joint fully when the next board is offered up.


5. Place the next board

Align the next board and push it firmly into the bed of adhesive.

The gap between boards should be less than 1mm. Secure the

board with PRANCE Aquapanel Maxi Screws (SN).


6. Scrape off the excess adhesive

Scrape off the excess PRANCE Aquapanel Interior Joint Adhesive the

next day using a flexible steel scraper


Packing and loading

packing and loading


























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