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Double Offset Butterfly Valve

1-1611301G522Double Offset Butterfly Valve


The double-offset butterfly valve is a valve that has 2 counter balance. It will make the valve has a nonstop fixing surface on the circle and make the valve didn’t touch the seat at all when it is completely opens. This plan will make the seat encounter a less grating and accordingly will delay its lifetime. In common application, this twofold balance butterfly valve is restricted to class 600.

Design Feature

Less seat wear, Low torque
Super long usage life
Self-driven machinery sealing structure
Low emission packing
Double block and bleed
ISO 5211 top flange
Zero leakage

Design Standard

Design: API 609/ISO 17292
Face to face: API609/ISO5752
Test: API598
Fire safe: API607/API6FA
End connection: ASME:16.5/ ASME:16.47

Technical Specification

Size: 2”~60”
Class: 150#~600#
Connection: Double flange/butt weld/wafer/lug
Operation: Manual/ Worm Gear/ Pneumatic actuator/ Electric actuator Temperature: -196°C to +600°C
Application: Petrochemical/refinery/power plant/LNG/papermaking/city construction.

Material Option

Body: Carbon steel/stainless steel/hastelloy/inconel alloy/monel
Trim: A105/SS304/SS316/F304/F316
Stem: 17-4PH/SS316/F316/F6a

Main Outline Dimensions & Weight

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20170512114110 20170512114119

















Main Outline Dimensions & Weight



20170512114315 20170512114326










Main Outline Dimensions & Weight

20170512114422 20170512114509



20170512114621 20170512114629










Main Outline Dimensions & Weight

20170512114720 20170512114736


Product Picture

1-1611301G522 1-1611301G522-50 1-161209160121 1-161209160121-50




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