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Container House


Container House


1. Anti-RUST; Rodent proof; Rot proof; Water proof
2. Acid & alkali resistance
3. Toxic free
4. Food class plastic material
5. Built-in Family independence solar system for free electricity
6. The electricity can be used on TV,refrigerator,washing machine, microwave, LED lighting and fans
7. Moveable & very easy assemble
8. Renewable sources for environment protection and Stable color

Competitive strength

1. Top quality, as a result of specialization and standardization
2. 5000 sets monthly production capability
3. Best price as direct selling from Kinying factory.
4. High technology, as a result of constant investment on R & D.
5. Unique design with patent authorized

Product Exhibition



Measurements(mm) D4300*W3300*H2750mm
Total Cube 14 Square meter
House-Height(mm) 2750mm
Force-wind 8-10 grade
Warranty 5 years
Capacity cubic metre for living room, Simple kitchen and bath center
Molds Wall panels, roof, windows, door,solar system, living accessories etc.
Payment TT,LC and DP etc
Installation By screws


1. Living room(3m*3m)
2. Toilet & shower (1m*1m)
3. Bathroom basin (1m*1m)
4. Kitchen (1m*1m)
5. Toilet storage shelve(1m*1m)


1. Rain & wind resistance
2. Sun & UV protaction
3. Food class material:HDPE
4. No smell & toxic free
5. Alkali & acid resistance, Antirust
6. Fasten:Galvanized steel structure as fundation,steel pipes are added into each frames.


1. Toilet*1 set
2. Shower*1 set
3. Basin + mirror*1 set
4. Curtain* 2 sets
5. Water supply+drainage system
6. 3 sets of LED lamp, Lampshade, switch & socket

Solar power system1KW,24V off grid

1. Poly solar panel
2. Off grid solar system:
– Solar Panel 250W x 4pcs
– Battery: 2pcs
insolation for 6-8 hours per day in Africa produces 5-7 kw-hours (excluding rainy days)
– Available Standard household electrical appliances:
TV, refrigerator, washing machine, microwave oven, LED lamp * 4 and fan * 4
3. Free from the national power grid, family independence system
4. No electricity bill at all, high efficiency for energy saving


1. Plastic parts: UV Resistance HDPE material imported from Korea
2. Stand:HDPE material with Steel frame by 2 mm thickness inside
3. Inside instructure: Steel for hooks,deck etc
4. Bottom installation:Galvanized steel structure as fondation with HDPE floor on top.
5. Fasteners: steel screws
6. Windows:HDPE + Resin transparent sheet

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Container House, Steel house

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