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Combined 20ft Container House For Accommodation-JZX20-3


Combined 20ft Container House For Accommodation-JZX20-3


This is combined 20ft container house for accommodation. The frame includes the top seat,corner columns,bottom base. Each part is welded in the factory. Our composite panel materials are environmental friendly and our keeping standards up-to-date rust resisting,water proof container home will be your best choice to use. Surely it is strong and stable,can resist big wind, hurricane, heavy snow, storm. Multi-layer container house is convenient in lifting, fixing, compounding and transporting.You can use a crane or forklift to remove its overall. The houses are low cost, efficiency and flexibility. And you can assemble them at will.We will provide you installation drawings, video or guide the installation on site.










Container accommodation house can be designed different layout. 20ft and 40ft container houses have different areas. The internal layout is designed according to the actual situation.
















1. Temporary construction sites demand, such as the project manager for the office, residential space, conference rooms.
2. The limit of space on construction sites, which can only allow us to install a combination of container houses.
3. Field work space, such as field exploration and construction of mobile office, dormitory.
4. Emergency buildings, such as military mobile command centers, emergency mobile command centers, mobile command centers and other relief.

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