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cold-rolled corner sheet pile

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Cold-rolled Corner Sheet Pile

Product description

corner sheet pile has many advantages as following:
AZ, AU & PU Sheet Pile Connectors
The AZ, AU, & PU sheet piles have four connectors specifically designed to make your project easier. Each connector has various functions and capabilities. In additon, the connectors can be used with HZM and Pipe-AZ combined wall systems.

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Product Name Corner sheet pile
Material Steel
Technology Cold-roller
Standard ISO14001, ISO9001, CE, CE-EN1090, FPC, Cold-forming First Level
Material Q235B, Q345B, S235, S240, SY295, S355, S430, S460, A690, ASTM A572 Grade 50, ASTM A572 Grade 60. All Chinese Standard, EN Standard, ASTM Standard and other standard material are available on request.
Brand ATMC
Product catalog Corner sheet pile
Used Products for building harbor, shipyard, port, bridge, cofferdam and so on.












Product detail


The C14 corner section is a corner made specifically to turn 90 corners.



The C9 connector is a corner made to create T sections in sheet pile walls and connect sheet piles to king piles.The C9 can be attached at almost any angle


Omega 18

The omega 18 section was developed to turn angles between 90 and 135 degrees.

omega 18

Delta 13

The delta 13 connector is a section that offers flexibility in sheet pile corners and can turn angles between 60 and 120 degree.

 delta 13

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Product advantage

1.providing equivalent or better section properties (modulus) with lower material cost,which means the unit weight per square meter is lower than larssen sheet piles.this will help save material cost and as result save project cost.

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2.wider than larssen sheet piles less quantity or pieces of sheet piles would be needed,which will speed up the installation process.this will be help save project time and as a result help save machine and labor cost.

3.uniform thickness compared to larsen sheet piles,of which the thinnest part at the interlock part is only around 6.5mm,uniform thickness makes it much more stable during installation and it won’t be easily damaged during installation.

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Product process

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Packing and shipping

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