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AWS EB9 submerged arc wire

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AWS EB9 submerged arc wire

Product description

AWS EB9 submerged arc wire is used for welding 550MPa tensile strength steel, especially X65 and X70 large diameter pipe.

Welding position: F

Chemical composition
C Mn Si S P Ni Cu N Cr V Mo Nb
0.09 1.25 0.2 0.006 0.01 0.73 0.12 0.06 9.18 0.23 0.98 0.07


Mechanical properties of deposited metal
Postweld condition Yield point Tensile strengthRm(Mpa) Elongation A4(%) Akv value
PWHT 760.Cx4h 575 685 21 20.C 90







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Product process

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