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Q01 Industrial ball valve


Industrial ball valve

Design Description

API 600 Designs

Outside screw and Yoke

Bolted bonnet

Flexible wedge, fully guided

Renewable seat rings

Rising stem and non-rising hand wheel

Available with gear operator

Available with actuator


Blow-out Proof Stem

Anti-Static Device for Ball-Stem-Body

Pressure Balance Hole in Ball Slot

2 Belleville Washer to Self-adjust Packing

ISO 5211 Direct Mounting Pad for Easy Automation

Locking Device Spring Handle

Product Exhibition

 3 2 1 4

Parts material

NO. Parts name Material
Stainless Steel Cast Steel
1 Body A351 CF8 A216 WCB
2 Disc A182-F304 2Cr13
3 Stem A182-F304 A182-6a
4 Disc cover A182-F304 2Cr13
5 Spiral wound gasket PTFE Flexible Graphite
6 The seal seat F304 2Cr13
7 Valve Cover A351-CF8 A216-WCB
8 Bolt A193-B8 A193-2H
9 Nut A194-8 A194-2H
10 Packing PTFE Flexible Graphite
11 Press kit packing Cf8 2Cr13
12 Packing plate Cf8 A216-WCB
13 Pin 410 35
14 Bolt A193-B7 A193-B7
15 Stem nut        ZCuA110Fe3 ZCuA110Fe3
16 Screw 410 A105
17 Hand wheel KTH300-8 KTH300-8
18 Nameplate L2 L2
19 Nut B8 A194-2H
20 Washer 410 Q235A


 How to choose a valve

Code 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
2-Acruated type Electro magnetic Ekectro-hydraulic Ekectro-hydraulic Gear Spur gear Angle gear Pneumatic Hydraulic Pneumatic-hydraulic Electrical
3-Connection Inside screw Outside screw Flange Welding wafer Union ring Compression joint
1-Type code 4-Constuction Type
Gatevalve Z Rising stem Non-rising Stem
Wedge type Parallel type Wedge type Parallel type
Flexible Rigid disc Rigid disc
Single Double Single Double Single Double Single Double
Glove valve J ThroughWay Z-Type Tee Angled Straightflow Balance type
Throttle valve L Throughway Ring-angled
Piston valve U
Ballvalve Q Hale-ballthrough way Floating type Trunnion-mounted
Throughway Y-patternTee Tee Four-way Through way Tee
T-Pattern T-Pattern T-pattern T-pattern
ButterflyValve D Non-sealtri-eccentric Seal type Non-seal type
Center line-type Single-eccentric Bi-eccentric link mechanism tri-eccentric Center line type Bi-eccentric Link mechanism Tri-eccentric
Checkvalve H Lift type Swing type Rotary type butterfly Globe check
Th.way Vertical type Angle type Single-plate Double disc Multi-disc


Casting Steel Carbon Stainless.

Ends:Flanged ends, Butt welding ends, thread ends, clamp ends.

Ratings (ANSI): 150LBS 300LBS 400Lbs, 600Lbs, 900Lbs


Design:EN 12516-1

Wall Thickness:ASME B16.34,EN12516-3

Flange Ends: DIN 2501 PN10-PN40

Fire Safe Design Acc:API 607

Flange End:ASME B16.5 CLASS 150/300

DIN 2653 PN10-PN40

JIS B2238 10K/20K

Inspection & Testing:API 598,EN 12266

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