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Silt Curtain


silt curtain

 Silt Curtain 

Product Description 

Silt curtains are designed to contain the fine particles of silt that are discharged into the water from dredging or reclamation activities.

Most dredging and reclamation projects in the Gulf and internationally require silt curtains be installed to protect the environment under strict regulations set by the Government.

We supply a range of silt curtains for use in dredging, construction and reclamation projects and being contractors ourselves, we understand both the design and installation requirements and design our curtains for durability and ease of use.

Almost every silt curtain application has unique features that require site-specific adaptations. We recognise every construction site and marine environment is different and custom manufactures silt curtains to suit specific conditions or project requirements.

ATMC silt curtains are manufactured in China and can be tailored to suit each project’s requirements. Manufacturing locally reduces delivery times and costs associated with shipping and gives a true tried and tested product in the region. Also being a locally based contractor,  we have used all products on our own projects and can provide after sales support not offered with many suppliers.

Projects Exhabition

Silt curtains







silt curtain








Silt Curtain








silt Curtain

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Silt Curtain

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