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AL135M jet self-priming Centrifugal Pumps

20170413152257AL135M jet self-priming Centrifugal Pumps


These series pumps are mostly self-priming jet pumps is achieved by using an ejector, housed in the pump body. The total delivery produced by the closed centrifugal impeller is sent only partly to the delivery opening, the remaining water is re-circulated through the ejector, which is connected to the suction chamber and generats the necessary vacuum to self-prime the pump. When first starting the pump, fill the pump body with water without bothering to fill the suction the piping and elimnateany air from the suction to the delivery chamber, expelling it through the delivery piping. At the same time the vacuum thus generated cuases water to rise in the suction piping, thus self-priming the pump.

Since the self-priming system operates continuously, these pumps are practically unaffectedeven by the presence of large amounts of entrained air in the fluid being pumped, they are designed to auto-control system with booster , pressure switch and gauges.

Operating limits

Max ambient temperature up to 40℃

Max fluid temperature up to 40℃

Max pressure up to 10 bar















Installation and Use

For domestic and civil sector

For distributing water in combination with small or medium pressure sets

For irrigating gardens

For transfer in general

For agricultural and industrial application

Limits of Use

Non aggressive clean water and liquids

Manometric suction lift up to 8m

Liquid temperature up to +60℃

Environment temperature up to +40℃


Class F



Options on request

Special mechanical seal

Single-phase 230V/110V/127V-50HZ/60HZ optional

Thermal overload protector






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