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8000C Combine Harvester

8000C Harvester

8000C Combine Harvester

Brief introduction

More efficient

Match the famous national Ⅱ supercharged engine, one-way dual power output, walking system and working mechanism drivetrain independent, powerful;
Two longitudinal axis flow flexible threshing technology, low broken rate, low loss rate;
Full hydraulic swing arm grain unloading system, handling strong, highly visible, easy to walk unloading grain;
Standard 5.4 m flexible cutting station, 4.6 m rigid cutting table, 6 row corn cutting table, seven rows of corn cutting platform, replacement of different harvest cutting platform can achieve a variety of crops as rice, wheat, canola, soybean, corn and the like;
4 + 1 speed gearbox, CVT among stalls, reasonable matching speed and improve operating efficiency.
After the optional drive, hydrostatic drive, rice and corn drum rollers, etc., to meet the needs of different users.

more reliable

new smart sensor technology, full overlay control to ensure that each part is working properly, the use of stable and reliable;
flexible threshing mechanism, cleaning mechanism fully mechanical infinitely variable speed, stable and reliable;
reel hydraulic infinitely variable, convenient and stable.

More comfortable

Configuring the new luxury cab interior, truck mounted instrument cluster, integrated steering wheel, modular shift control mechanism, reversing video systems LCD;
Optional heater / air conditioning system, to create a safe and comfortable driving environment.

Production exhabition

harvester 8000C-1












harvester 8000C-2












harvester 8000C












8000C Harvester
















Technical specification

Model Unit 8000C
Structure type / tangential flow + double longitudinal axis flow
Dimensions (length × width × Gao) mm 9200×5700×3880
Use the whole mass (host) kg 8980
Cutting table width mm 5400
Feeding amount kg/s 8
Minimum ground mm 400
Work hour productivity hm²/h 0.6-1.1
Cutting table auger type / screw auger
Transmission Type / Mechanical + CVT
Brakes Type / hydraulic drive
Complex de-TYPE miscellaneous tailing roller
Grain unloading info / hydraulic unloading grain

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