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8000A Combine harvester

Combine harvester-8000A

8000A Combine harvester

Brief introduction

Model: 8000A

Category: Combine

Supporting power: 160 hp

Working width: 540cm

Applicable crops: wheat, rice, corn, soybean

feed capacity: 8 kg


Production exhabition

Combine harvester-8000A-2












Combine harvester-8000A-1












Combine harvester-8000A


















  Technical specification

Model Unit 8000A
Structure type / tangential flow + double longitudinal axis flow
Dimensions (length × width × Gao) mm 9200×4900×3880
Use the whole mass (host) kg 8980
Cutting table width mm 5400
Feeding amount kg/s 8
Minimum ground mm 400
Work hour productivity hm²/h 0.6-1.1
Cutting table auger type / screw auger
Transmission Type / Mechanical
Brakes Type / hydraulic drive
Complex de-TYPE miscellaneous tailing roller
Grain unloading info / hydraulic unloading grain


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