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3Z Cultivator

3Z-cultiva-460-460 (2)

3Z Cultivator

Brief introduction

1. 3Z cultivator, which is suitable for field intertillage operations in corn, soybean, cotton and potato fields,
2. It can complete various field operations at one time including intertillage, subsoiling, ditching, ridging, etc.
3. The machine has the advantages of convenient row pitch adjustment, flexible depth control, easy ridging width adjustment, large range of application, etc.

Production exhabition


3Z-cultiva-460-460 (3)


















3Z-cultiva-460-460 (2)









3Z-cultiva-460-460 (1)



















Technical specification

Model Unit 3Z-2 3Z-3 3Z-4
 Working width m 1.5 2.9 3.7
 Cultivation rows 3 4 5
Ridging rows 2 3 4
 Ridge spacing mm 450~600
Matched power           hp 20~30 40~50 70~80


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