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24-26 Inch Dredge Cutter Head


24-26 Inch Dredge Cutter Head

Brief Introduction

1.Rock cutter heads
2.Sand cutter heads
3.Slurry cutter heads
4.Mud cutter heads
5.Gravel cutter head
6.Multi-service cutter heads

Dredge cutter head features:

1.Number of blade:5 or 6.
2.The cutter head have replaceable dredge teeth.
3.The dredge cutter head have many applications,can be used for rock,mud,slurry,sand and gravel.
4.The superiority of the Rock Cutter Head is the result of unmatched design and metallurgical capabilities.
5.Refined tooth and cutting edge design.
6.Competitive maintenance cost,easy to maintenance.
7.Exceptional wear resistance,high quality.
8.The cutter head can be supplied with shaft,bearing and gearbox.
9.The cutter head has low spill.

Product Exhabition
















Product Specification

Inner ring dia.(mm) No. Of  blade Speed (rpm) Output torque(KN-m) Max shaftpower(Kw) Suction dia.(mm) Capacity(m3/h) Water overflow of pump(m3/h)
1750 5 0-32 75 251 600-650 1200 4000-4500
1750 5 0-30 84 264 600-650 1200 4500-5000
1750 5 0-24 90 226 600-650 1200 4500-5000
1830 5 0-30 119 375 600-650 1600 5000-6000










  1. We can supply the cutter heads and tooth systems for cutter powers of 35 kW up to 6000 kW.
  2. Providing various of dredge cutter heads, customization is available.

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