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1S-300 Subsoiler


1S-300 Subsoiler

Brief introduction

1. Subsoiling as tillage as an important new technology at home and abroad more and more attention, the government is making great efforts to promote.
2. 1S-300 subsoiler, reasonable structure, reliable performance, traction resistance.
3. Rack with frame, easy to adjust working width;
shovel column is high, and staggered around, reducing the straw obstruct block, through the good
4. the working parts of the buffer spring and shear bolt double protection, is subsoiler meet a good model for China’s national conditions.


Production exhabition


1S-Subsoil-460-460 (1)




















Technical specification

Dimensions ( cm ) 165×265×127
Structural mass ( Kg ) 600
Motive power ( kW ) four-wheel drive ≥66
The form of a deep shovel Chisel
Deep loosening depth (cm) 25-40
Work to shovel a number 3-7
Cm spacing 40-60
Working width (cm) 300
Operating speed (Km/h) 4-6
Efficiency (hm2 / h) 1.12-1.86



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