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1LYX Disc Plough

LYX-Disc-P-460-460 (1)1LYX Disc Plough

Brief introduction

1. 1LYX disc plows are three kinds of models of the identical series farming machineries. This plow could be connected and mounted with the tractor, while working the disc of the plow rotary motion and then plough the soil.

2. It has the following advantages better than ploughshare: does not entangle the grass, does not block, does not obstruct the earth, Can shut off the crop’s stem and root stubble, does not feat the bricks and stones fragment in the soil, and the working resistance is small.

3. Therefore, these types are suitable working for overgrown with weeds and steams, the soil resistance is big and has bricks and stones fragment, and the condition complex farmland, The working efficiency is high, the quality is good, adjusts conveniently, and the plough is reliable and durable and so on.

Production exhabition









LYX-Disc-P-460-460 (3)








LYX-Disc-P-460-460 (2)








LYX-Disc-P-460-460 (1)











Technical specification

Model unit 1LYX-230 1LYX-330 1LYX-430
Working depth mm 250 250 250
Working width mm 600 900 1200
Q’ty of disc 2 3 4
Disc diameter mm 660 660 660
 Total weight kg 300 360 410
Matched power hp 40~50 55~80 90~120
Linkage Standard three-point mounted

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