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1LF Hydraulic Reversible Plough


1LF Hydraulic Reversible Plough

Brief introduction

1.This series hydraulic reversible plow is designed and manufactured according to the national standard for the share plough used in the dry field in the North.
2. it is suitable for ploughing on the cultivated dry field with the soil resistance less than 1.0kg/cm2, and also can be used in the paddy field in the North, the operation is double direction as shuttle doing,after plough,the land surface if smooth without opened and closed furrows,and less empty lines at both end of the land.operation on slope land,the slope degree will be reduced year by year.

3.It has a compact structure and suitable for working on all various land. with the well working performance of the machine, after cultivation, the land surface is levelling, the soil clods well crushed and turned over and the furrows is small.

Production exhabition












Technical specification

Model unit 1LF-330 1LF-430 1LF-335 1LF-435 1LF-535
Working width M 0.9 1.2 1.05 1.4 1.75
Working depth Mm 160-250 160-250 160-250 160-270 160-270
Productivity Ha/h 5.5-7.5 6.5-8.5 7.5-9 8-10 10-12.5
Matched power Hp 50-65 55-80 65-90 75-100 100
Overall size Cm 237*140*138 270*160*138 300*160*138 330*178*149 384*208*149
Total weight Kg 550 600 750 830 980
Linkage Three-point mounted

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