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2440x1220x10mm Construction

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2440x1220x10mm Construction

Product description

Advantages: Energy-saving, environment-friendly, fire proof, water proof, fire proof, increased the usable area, anti-pressure, anti-quake, sound insulation,heat insulation and preservation, simple construction, high efficiency, spiking, stickability, light weight and

economy and so on.

performance index
slag ball content (granule diameter) 0.25mm).% 12.0
average value of fiber 7.0
density allowable deviation ,% ±15
thermal conductivity(average temperature70 ±52),W/(m.k) 0.044
shrinkage temperature of heat load(60kg/m3) , 600
water content,% 0.5
combustibility Grade A incombustible
organic content,% 4.0
moisture resistivity(moisture-proof rock wool board),% 98
water absorption (moisture-proof rock wool board),% 5

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AMain Characterisitucs

1. Good alkali / acid resistance
2. Good weather resistance (anti-thawing, anti-freezing)

3. Stable dimension, low expansion rate, low contractibility

4. Good stain-resistance, self-clean ability

5. Natural appearance, uniformed color
6. Excellent fire-proof performance

7. Durable, long service life

8. Easy to be processed

9. Eco-friendly
10. Easy installation


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